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    Andrée Jardin

    is a brand which is supported unfailingly by a group of aficionados, composed by people of different ages and different lifestyles.

    Why ?

    Since more than 60 years, we are close to our customers and service focused, our strenghts is the transparency of offers and prices.

    Andrée Jardin

    Our brand managed to get sympathy, our brooms operates like Proust Madeleines, and become objects of legacy embellished by time and life “Que le temps patine, que la vie cuirasse”.
    • Our brushes are an answer to different needs, according to our customers.
    • Like this this theater technician who use our products to clean the precious stage,
    • this traditional baker baker who order a brush to master his flour,
    • or this antiquary who finally found a way to clean the gilding of his baroque frames thanks to our épousette made with pure silk.
    • 96 years ago, Georges-René Julio, future husband of Miss Andrée Jardin, began to learn how to make brushes, in Nantes, France, on the side of the river Erdre, close to the slaughterhouse of Talansac where he gets the raw materials.
    • In 1947 he started his first workshop. Decades after decades, our brushes workshop supplied industry. And from father to son, specialized in on-demand brushes.
    • The golden age of plastic and the begining of globalization, downgrade what we used to call “ les articles de Paris” : hair brushes, make up brushes, clothes brushes...
    • Nowadays, it is difficult to find a real broom, a genuine épousette or a reliable brush.
    • We are decided to give an answer to this sad statement. Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, grandson of Miss Jardin, make mythical brushes in Frenc h noble wood, genuine products which everlast.
    • Buying a Andrée Jardin brush is a commitment toward French know-how Brosserie Julio ( manufacturer of Andrée Jardin products) perpetuates nowadays a tradition of almost one century : the work on silks on the basis of few generation work and know-how, when nothing can replace the handmaking, the only way to offer this exclusive quality.
    • Small quantities manufacturing, still handcrafted, is an art. According to us, it is the best way to opposite asian-imported products and the disposable system.
    • Simplicity, Quality and everlasting : it is the D.N.A of our signature.
    • Our brushes, in silf or horsehair, protect and clean perfectly modern and precious floor : natural floor, rare floor, mosaic...
    • Buying Andrée Jardin products it is giving a sense to your buying and settling a limit to waste, unstable and non-lasting trends and unhold promises.